"Building Our Knowledge"

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Dean's academic progam prepares students for success in their chosen career path, for continuing their studies in either a two-year or four-year college program, and for passing the MCAS (Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System). Dean offers small class sizes, personalized instruction and a compency-based academic program at a fast and motivating pace. Students spend half their time in high school in the classrooms learning the academic knowledge they must acquire, along with the technical structure which uses the other half of their time.


Required Academic Courses

Four Years of English Language Arts
The English Language Arts (ELA) program addresses the traditional language elements of reading, writing, listening, and speaking while seeking simultaneously to develop the critical thinking skills of students. Through exposure of quality literature, students will develop comprehensive skills and through advanced vocabulary and writing assignments, better their communication skills.

Three Years of Mathematics
Courses in Mathematics include Algebra I and II, Algebra for students without a strong math background, Geometry, Precalculus and Financial Literacy. It is recommended for students to have four years of math if they plan on going to a four-year college.

Three Years of Science
The Science Department includes Biology I and II, Chemistry I, Physics Honors, Physical Science, and Engineering for the Future. Science focuses a student's mind in the books and advances experience during experiments.

Three Years of Social Studies
Social Studies teach students democratic proccesses and principles, in addition of the development of critical thought, broad acceptance and respect for other people's cultures, and patriotism, citizenship. These studies give students knowledge and an understanding of certain fundamental skills. It also provides them  with an appreciation of the interrelationships of all disciplines.

Other Academic Offerings

The Visual Arts Program
Visual Arts is designed to teach students the basic concepts and techniques of art using a variety of materials. Visual Arts is all about the beauty in art with one's eyes. This program is based on drawing, sculpting, and creating what's in front of of the student or what his or her mind sees. This allows the student to build a creative perspective outside the classroom and shop.

The English Language Learners Program (ELL)
The ELL Program offers students with limited proficiency in English, a unique opportunity to participate fully in the educational process at Dean. It follows the sheltered immersion philosophy, allowing students to achieve that the same rate as students who are fluent in English.

The Special Education Program
The program of Special Education offers a range of services for students with special needs of who are not yet to the average level of learning. Teachers and staff of this department give their time into making sure that though these students have special needs, they have the right support along with it.

When students trouble with any work in the classroom, concepts, homework, or studying, they are encouraged to take advantage of afterschool tutoring. The program has certified instructors and advanced students who assist and is available Monday through Thursday after school.


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