It's All Ancient History

Like in every other school, Dean Tech provides required History courses which include U.S. History I & II, American Government, World History, and Geography. Graduation Requirements have increased - Students must now complete three five-credit, full-year classes, one of which must be either United States History I or United States History II. World history and American government are the other two classes which qualify.
Classes of 2012 and 2013 must successfully complete two five-credit, full-year classes, one of which must be either United States History I or United States History II. World history and American government are the other two classes which qualify.




Grade 10

US History Part Two

In this course, students will be taught according to the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks as provided by the Department of Education. According to the standards: Students will analyze the causes and consequences of the Industrial Revolution and America’s growing role in diplomatic relations. Students will study the goals and accomplishments of the Progressive movement and the New Deal. Students will also learn about the various factors that led to America’s entry into World War II as well as the consequences of World War II on American life. Finally, students will study the causes and course of the Cold War, important economic and political changes during the Cold War, including the Civil Rights movement, and recent events and trends that have shaped modern-day America.

Within this course, students will work with primary sources, independently, collaboratively, and with technology. Using these methods, students will achieve many larger, overarching goals set forth in the standards:

“The origins and impact of sectionalism on American life and politics.” Furthermore, the students shall “address the political and economic differences between the North and the South, the Civil War and its aftermath, and the continued importance of sectionalism through the 20th century.”

“The rise and continuing international influence of the United States. The U.S. history standards in grade 5 and the standards for U.S. history I and II address the rise and growing role of the United States in world affairs to the present day. The standards address the reasons for and the consequences of America’s rise to hemispheric influence in the 19th century, and America’s rise to global influence in the 20th century.”



Grades 11 and 12

World History

World History has a very broad field of study. It encompasses topics from as far back as the Ancient World to the European Renaissance to the global issues of the modern world.  At Dean Tech, we focus on more modern events that connect to the lives of our students.  The major topics covered in this course include:  World Religions, World War 1, World War 2 and the dropping of the Atomic Bombs, the creation of the state of Israel and the conflicts that have plagued the Middle East since the 1940’s, and modern social justice activists (Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King Jr.).  After completion of this year-long course, students should look at the world differently, and learn about history with an open mind with the ability to think “outside the box”. Through various discussion topics and debates, students leave the class knowing that History isn't just about names and dates but about concepts, themes, and ideas.

Current Issues 
Senior-level history class is news and Internet dependent. Curriculum is determined by the news, which students access via websites. News articles are read online and then reflected upon and responded to. Whenever possible, items are introduced by a short video on SmartBoard. Tests are open responses which require students to express an opinion about a particular issue, or matter of discussion, debate or dispute.


Younger students need to be informed and taught the founation, development, workings and stability of the United States at an earlier grade in high school not only because its the required basics, but it ties well into the subjects of history in the later grades. Knowing the basic knowledge of the country enables students to better discuss the workings of it's government and give personal opinions about the affairs of the rest of the world. The basic knowledge can also shape their minds into the decision of wanting to be a leader and/or serve the country.






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