Physical Education

The Physical Education Department

The Physical Education department offers a sequential and progressive curriculum to all students who are enrolled. Students receive 1 credit for successful completion of this course. Students are required to enroll in Physical Education each of their 3 years in school. The curriculum offers students the opportunity to participate in team sports, individual sports and lifetime fitness activities. Course offerings include Basketball, Volleyball, Weight Training, Flag Football, indoor soccer and Personal Fitness. Students are also exposed to Pickleball, Badminton, Archery and Bowling. A cooperative and new games unit is also used at various times throughout the semester. Students are assessed formally and informally using various assessment instruments.

The physical education program requires that all students bring a change of clothing and wear sneakers to participate. We realize that at times students don't have the proper the proper uniform so we let those students walk around the gym or field for a portion of the credit. Physical Education students will be outside in the fall until the middle of October and in the spring, once the weather warms up. It is recommended that students be prepared for chilly weather. We do not go outside when the temperature is below forty five degrees. Students are graded on their participation, proper attire, attendance, and on being a good community member that respects the equipment, staff, and fellow classmates. Students are graded on a daily basis.

We realize that one shoe doesn't fit everyone's style. We encourage all students to attempt the activity and if they don't like it, they will be afforded the opportunity to earn credit by completing other tasks such as a walking period or physical education study guides that inform the student about the activity that they chose not to participate in.
The benefits of active participation in physical education are well documented. Besides the fact that you can get into better physical shape now, you are setting the stage for a lifetime of being active which will help maintain your health and hopefully lead to prolonged active lifestyle.

The social-emotional benefits of active participation are also important. In physical education you will develop people skills that will be used throughout your entire life. You will learn how to work and problem solve together, communicate with others, value sportsmanship and make friends while participating in the process.
I am looking forward to teaching the students of Dean many lessons that will be fun and rewarding. As I say "No child left inside, time to get moving"


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