Program of Studies


The link below provides special and detailed information about everything that goes on at William J. Dean Technical High School. Within the table of contents, you will see the content we offer to make you more knowledgeable as to what goes on here and what incoming students should prepare to hear and see. The link will give you the same information that students and teacher must remember throughout the school year.

This entails student expectations, staff expectations, grading policies, course information, graduation requirements, the school's mission and so much more for you to read at your leisure to learn the structuring that Dean's murals are built on. This is great for incoming freshmen so they get an idea of what the years to come are like. It's great for parents of students at Dean so they can observe the environment their child is in during the school year.

So now that you know what you're going to read, click on the link:

Due to school restructuring Dean's Pogram of Study is "Under Construction". Check back soon.


William J. Dean Technical High School
1045 Main Street
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