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For the past 15 years River Valley Counseling Center's Teen Clinic has proudly been a member of the Dean Technical High School community. As a School-Based Health Center (SBHC) the Teen Clinic provides comprehensive health care to students including primary health care and behavioral health services right where they spend most of their time – at school. As a member of Dean Tech, the Teen Clinic is aligned with the major concern of the school: academic achievement. We aim to meet the physical, social, and emotional needs of adolescents to help them reach their individual potential because we know that students who feel confident about their studies are more likely to graduate and become healthy, productive adults. Operating like a satellite clinic in this school setting, we proudly offer students a place to receive care and make it easy for them to find the support of a trusted adult.

Our specific services at Dean Tech include 2 full-time and 1 part-time on-site mental health counselors that provide: individual counseling, group counseling for anger or stress management, help with classroom or behavior management, academic counseling and support, and crisis assessments. We also have a full time on-site Nurse Practitioner that offers confidential services such as medication and asthma management, nutrition counseling, sex education, and sport physicals.

The Teen Clinic is open Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. Students do not need to be members of the Teen Clinic in order to access these opportunities. These services are free for most students and funded by the Department of Public Health. Hablamos español.

Teen Clinic: (413)-534-6904 4120 (in-school line) fax: (413)-534-9553

Anyone can make a referral for a Dean Tech student. Just simply click the link below!

Click here for Teen Clinic Referral 

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 Teen Clinic (left to right): Ruhami Valentin, middle is Lianexis De Jesus and  Mayra Rodriguez Cherniack

Charlotte Oleksak, M.Ed LMHC

Charlotte works in the Teen Clinic Monday through Friday. She is also the Enhanced Mental Health Counselor and works to identify the needs and strengths of the school community and collaborates with staff to meet those needs.

You can reach Charlotte at (413) 534-6904 ext. 104


Mayra Rodriguez-Cherniack, M.S.

Mayra works in the Teen Clinic Monday through Friday. She is also the Personal Responsibility Education Program counselor and runs psycho-educational groups throughout the school and community.

You can reach Mayra at (413) 534-6904 ext. 102


Mary Fago MSN NP

Mary is the Teen Clinic Program Supervisor. She is available at Dean on an as-needed basis and can most often be found at the Holyoke High Teen Clinic.

You can reach Mary at (413) 534-2033


Michelle Sheehan, NP MSN

You can contact Michelle at 413-534-6904 ext. 101.


Osvaldo Gonzalez, Clinician

Osvaldo works in the Teen Clinic Tuesdays and Wednesday only.  You can contact him at 413-534-6904 ext. 103.


Stacy Page, LICSW

Stacy works in the Teen Clinic Thursdays and Fridays only.  You can contact her at 413-534-6904 ext. 103.


Liany DeJesus, Support Staff

Liany can be reached at 413-534-6904 ext. 100.


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