Taking Care of Business in Our Careers 


Dean students spend the first half of their freshman year exploring the career/technical paths we offer in the school. For the duration of the "Exploratory", students rotate through six technical programs. There are fourteen labs in total. At the middle of the year, freshmen will be placed in one of the labs based on their top choices, performance and aptitude in the different labs, number of applicants in each lab, each student’s disciplinary records, and attendance. Students are able to choose from the computer-intricate workings of Programming and Web Development to the hands-on growing industries of Electrical and to the human beautification of Cosmetology.

After labs are assigned, students work in that program, building and deepening skills each year until graduation. Sophomore and junior year, students will have a combination of academic courses and their technical course every day. This maximizes the time each student can get experiencing and perfecting skills in shop and mold their minds in the classrooms. 

Seniors who have the most experience in their career choice are encouraged to be in co-op opportunities. Seniors have  academics in the morning and lab in the afternoon, so the ones who are working on co-op, internships and other work experiences outside of the school can spend from noon on each day working. This is to prepare seniors for employment or further education after high school.


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