Teachers: Mr. Baronas, Mr. Brueshaber

The carpentry program provides students with an understanding of terminology used in both residential and commercial construction. Instruction is given on power hand tool use, accurate measurment, safety procedures, and blueprint reading. In addition, the relationship of carpentry with other segments of construction industry is emphasized. The students also build small projects designed to increase their understanding of the tools and machines used in carpentry trade. Students are given hands-on training while under the supervision of certified experienced instructors.





Student: Jacob Boria


Competencies Students Obtain

With this hands-on technical career path, students expect to leave Dean, gaining a creative and practical sense of the carpentry trade. The field is predicted to have average job growth over the next decade. Job opportunites will improve as construction rebounds from the recession. Students build their mainds and their work. Going into the working field after high school, students obtain the knowledge of:

  • Framinig from Ground Up
  • Steel Wall Framing
  • Dry Wall Installation Framing
  • Door Frame and Trim Framing
  • Floor Preparation
  • Mill Work
  • Window Installation
  • Roofing
  • Cabinet Making
  • Corner Molding
  • Cove and Crown molding
  • Baseboard Molding

Career Outlook and Opportunities

The Carpentry outlook  expects students to earn at least $19 an hour or $39,000 a year as a number of different job titles related to this field of work. Certifications are earned by the end of the required courses and years. After senior graduate from Dean, college may be an option to continue the desired trade.  Also, technical opportunities are available to Dean's graduates such as:

  • Finish Carpernter
  • Framing Carpenter
  • Dry Wall Installer
  • Construction Inspector
  • Contractor
  • Estimator


William J. Dean Technical High School
1045 Main Street
Holyoke, MA 01040