Vocational Student of the Year!

Kaleb Laflamme, son of Kenneth and Linda Laflamme, resides in Holyoke, MA and is a student who has excelled in the Culinary Arts program at William J. Dean Technical High School.  Kaleb’s professionalism and dedication to the foodservice industry is evidenced by his superlative attendance and outstanding competency attainment.  Kaleb thrives when tasks increase in difficulty or unexpected circumstances arise.  His ability to remain focused and critically assess a situation are qualities that contribute to his success both in and out of the classroom.  Kaleb plays volleyball and golf for Holyoke Public Schools and he is a Sunday School teacher for grades 1-3 at his church.  Kaleb plans to attend Golden State Baptist College in California and will study for ministry.  Kaleb intends to continue using his culinary skills in the ministry by preparing food for soup kitchens and homeless shelters.


 Kaleb Laflamme Dean Tech



William J. Dean Technical High School
1045 Main Street
Holyoke, MA 01040